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The Cirrus Consortium Materials Framework provides quick and flexible access to the full range of building materials required by consortium members in full compliance with the relevant public procurement legislation.

City Plumbing are ranked 1st on Lot 2: Plumbing and heating materials and are also available to trade through Lot 3: Electrical materials.

City Plumbing have offered the following insight:
City Plumbing - National plumbing, heating, electrical and renewable technologies supplier have launched its new ‘Integrated Solutions’ brand.

We have been a leading established supplier to the sector for a number of years, and our new Integrated Solutions brand has opened the doors to a wider solution-based proposition with a range of value-added services:
Experiencing a high success rate in the sector we continue to expand our supply chain and support solutions. Our vision is to go above and beyond the role of a supplier and work with all our partners to engage in improving the lives and homes of your residents. Integrated Solutions places itself within the heart of local communities to raise the well-being of individuals, strengthen local economies and deliver on maximum social impact.

2022 sees us delivering new services to our partners, including a new range of apps, a B2B platform “SimpliCity,” and API (Application Programming Interface) links to integrate the business' intelligence with a customer’s own system.

Integrated Solutions at City Plumbing has observed the changing industry trends towards a more digitised market and, in line with the wider City Plumbing business, is developing its strategies to think digital-first.

For more information please visit Integrated Solutions or contact our National Business Development Manager, Claire Baron via

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