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More than 800 million of goods and services procured through Cirrus Consortium frameworks so far.
Cirrus Consortium frameworks used by over 100 contracting authorities, including local authorities, social housing providers and NHS trusts.
Every Cirrus Consortium framework is fully compliant with public procurement legislation, with zero legal challenges in the history of the consortium.
Contact Lucy Jackson, Operations & Consortium Lead

07983 532407 ljackson@cirruspurchasing.co.uk
Cirrus Consortium Frameworks
The Cirrus Consortium
The Cirrus Consortium is a number of contracting authorities across England, Scotland and Wales who have joined together to establish frameworks for a range of products and services that comply with Public Contracts Regulations. Members currently include Registered Providers of Social Housing, Local Authorities, ALMOs and NHS Trusts.

All Cirrus frameworks are available for use by all contracting authorities including Local Authorities, Registered Providers of Social Housing, Police & Emergency Services, NHS Trusts, Schools & Universities and Registered Charities.
Every contracting authority that uses a Cirrus Consortium framework agreement qualifies for free membership to the consortium. This allows the member organisations to have an active input to the frameworks under the consortium, while retaining the ability to use framework suppliers autonomously.

Current consortium frameworks include:

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