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Environmental Focus - Edition No.1

During our 10th anniversary of being a carbon negative company, Cirrus have decided to raise environmental awareness and discuss what we all can do to tackle the issues facing the planet.

As part of this, our suppliers have volunteered to share with us what they are doing to help the environment. Here is the first of a new series of articles called Environmental Focus. Thank you to Travis Perkins for providing this interesting piece about their environmental efforts.

At the Travis Perkins Group we’re passionate about our environmental performance. We operate an Environmental Management System (EMS) certified to the ISO 14001 standard which ensures we manage our operations to mitigate risks and identify any environmental opportunities. Last year we made great progress with our carbon reduction programme reporting a 38% reduction in our carbon intensity from a 2013 baseline surpassing our 2020 target a year early. We're now developing our Net Zero Carbon plan to establish how we can decarbonise our built estate and vehicle fleet even further. We've already begun a programme of LED light installations and intelligent lighting systems and we're keen to trial the use of alternative fuels (e.g CNG/HVO etc) in our vehicles. This year we'll also be introducing our very first fully electric HGV into our fleet which is also a first for our industry sector!

On the waste and resources front our aspiration is to embrace a more circular economy. Last year we diverted over 94% of our waste away from landfill and have dedicated recycling teams at our distribution centres, but we want to avoid generating waste in the first place. We’re engaging with our supply chain to reduce unnecessary single use plastic and encouraging the use of recycled content in packaging and products.

Our next steps will be to ensure our customers are fully aware of the sustainable products and services we offer to help them meet new and emerging Government legislation like the Future Homes Standard and to support their own environmental improvement aspirations.

For more information visit Travis Perkins Environmental Information.

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