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Registration Form - Cirrus Consortium Kitchen Materials Framework

This form is to register to start using the Cirrus Consortium Kitchen Materials Supply Framework. If you do not wish to start trading at this time but would like further information regarding the consortium and kitchen materials supply framework, please contact Claire Paton on 07828 143935,

Completing this form confirms your intent to use the Cirrus Consortium Kitchen Materials Supply Framework, and acts as your automatic registration as a member of the Cirrus Consortium. The details you provide confirm the date from which a particular supply arrangement is covered by the framework, and which supplier accounts are included. You can withdraw from the consortium or use of the framework at any time by simply contacting Cirrus Purchasing directly there is no notice period required or cost to you to do so.

Completion of the form does not commit you or your organisation to any purchase from any supplier, but is a requirement prior to trading with any supplier under this framework. As a result of completing this form you will not incur any costs or charges from Cirrus Purchasing Ltd.

Completion of this form confirms any expenditure with the suppliers you identify from the dates you provide will be treated as framework expenditure until such time as you or your organisation no longer wish to participate.

Q1 - Organisation name
Q2 - Organisation address
Q3 - Your name
Q4 - Email address
Q5 - Telephone number
Q6 - Job title
Q7 - Are you authorised representative of your organisation?

Q8 - What is the contract duration from trading date to
contract expiry? (e.g. 4 years)
Q9 - Are you handling selection/contract & price terms/
mini-competition in house or do you require support?

Q10 - Which supplier(s) are you trading with?
(You can select one or more suppliers as required).

PLEASE NOTE: For each supplier you are/will be trading with, you must provide the supplier account number and date from which you start trading under the framework. The supplier account number for each account you want to be covered by the framework is the number given to you by the supplier that will be on their invoices.
SupplierAccount NumberTrading Start Date
Howdens Joinery
JTC Furniture Group
Premiere Kitchens

Q11 - Please add any other comments here

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