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Materials Framework
The Cirrus Consortium Materials Framework is focussed upon the supply of goods and services associated with building repairs & maintenance and refurbishment. There are 5 lots covering the following categories of materials and services:
  • Lot 1: General building materials, including paint and tools
  • Lot 2: Plumbing and heating materials, including gas spares and renewables
  • Lot 3: Electrical materials
  • Lot 4: Kitchen materials
  • Lot 5: Managed stores
The Materials Framework includes a selection of suppliers to the public sector who have been chosen via a tender issued in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). The framework was undertaken as an EU compliant open tender procedure, as detailed in Regulation 27 of the UK statutory instrument Public Contracts Regulations 2015 #102.

The current framework (framework 4) runs from May 2016 to May 2020.

Key benefits of the framework include:
  • Establish your own contract with a choice from 19 leading suppliers
  • Keep the flexibility and ownership of managing the contract and specification as you choose
  • Dedicated lot for managed stores solutions
  • Supports a range of supply chain models including managed stores, direct delivery and branch supply
  • No need to tender via OJEU directly as the EU compliant framework is pretendered. The time and resource saved can be used to focus on driving additional value for money from your supply relationships
  • Choose from a wide range of repairs and maintenance materials
  • There is no requirement to use specific financial or billing systems so you have the flexibility to pay the supplier how you choose
  • Free membership to the Cirrus Consortium allowing for active input into the Central Purchasing Body
  • Free to use, therefore no fees will be charged to buying organisations for consortium membership or using the framework
Suppliers and their product categories and services are shown in the table below:

For more information please click here for our information leaflet.

To sign up to use the materials framework (and automatic free membership of the consortium), or to use additional suppliers if you are an existing consortium member, please complete our Online Registration Form.
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